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Some info I posted on ChipOverclock’s blog:

Thot i’d post my experiences with the AVAYA SIP phones.

  • The current version of the firmware for the 46xx phones still doesn’t seem to support the message waiting indicator (MWI) light. And as a side-effect of pending voice mail, these phones seem to think they are not registered after a seeming random period of time, refusing to allow outgoing calls. I had to disable voice mail on all extensions with AVAYA phones. Wasn’t too bad, I could live without the MWI.
  • The 1.xx version of SIP firmware for the 9620/9630/9640 series of phones would register fine on Asterisk, allow outgoing calls but refuse to accept incoming calls.
  • AVAYA have recently release version 2 of the SIP firmware for the 96xx phones. Thought I’d give it a try the other day. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked perfectly, including the MWI!! Excellent speaker-phone, and great voice quality.

I’ve been testing it for about 4 days now and am totally happy with the results.

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  • Satish

    Can some help me to fix. I use Avaya 9620L SIP phones with Aastra phone system and have few weird issues.Avaya 9620L with SIP firmware version

    1. No ring-back when calling to an outside number however no issues with internal extension calls.

    2. SET MSGNUM 65680 doesn’t work. I get “no number configured” error message on phone when i press message button.

  • Roberto

    I need help setting up a 9650 with freepbx. It seems to be doable, but I am failing. I’ve tried several firmware versions, currently on 2.6.10

  • Aaron

    I am not sure where to find the SIP96xx_2_0_5_0.bin or SIP96xx_2_0_3_0.bin firmware. I don’t see it on Avaya’s homepage anymore. Does anyone have this?

  • Daniel

    I cant operate the MWI!! can you tel me what to do on the 46xxsettings.txt or how to do it? I am using Avaya 9608 and Asterisk Now 1.5


  • Fadel


    could you please share the 46xxsettings.txt file?
    my problem with Avaya 9620 registered to asterisk is that if there is active call going on, and some one else called to Avaya, it disconnects the active call.

  • Jameel

    Hi SP,

    I am working on getting my asterisk box working with my SIP provider. Currently I have 4 Avaya phones 2 9630’s (firmware 2.2) and 2 9641g’s (firmware 6.3). I have outgoing and incoming calls working but there are two things I need help with one is transferring calls and the other is the MWI indicator. I had configured my sip.conf to have this under [general] mwi => 1234:[email protected]/mymailbox number

    That seems to subscribe fine if I do a “sip show mwi” I can see a subscription there. Under my Avaya 46xxsetting.txt I have MWISRVR = “” which is my asterisk box. Now I know that the MWI does work because if I do not use asterisk and just OpenSER such as Milkfish it will display the MWI for only the 9630’s. Do you have the MWI working with an external voip provider and asterisk or just your own asterisk vm? Also in an earlier post you mentioned the transer buttons were also working. Did you have to turn on blindxfer => #1 in the features.conf. I tried to use the transfer button on the 9630 and it gets a dial tone but if I try to complete the transfer is crashes the asterisk service. And when I have this enabled in the features.conf and I add tT to my Dial application in the extensions.conf if I press #1 it does nothing and using the transfer button on the Avaya also becomes disabled. Any ideas? I came across this website: http://voipspot.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/avaya-cm-to-asterisk-voicemail-without-sip-enablement-server-ses-or-session-manager/

    where I saw I might need to recompile the chan_sip.c and then add the mailbox entry to the sip.conf.

    Any thoughts on this whole ramble? Has anyone been able to achieve call transfers and MWI with a voip provider?


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