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Infratec PM 8-IP

by on Aug.08, 2009, under General Jazz

Quick glance
A power strip with 8 power outlet sockets and 2 power inlets. Each power port can be turned on or off individually over the network. Support for this product on Infratec’s website appears poor at best with documentation being equally sketchy. e.g., the firmware revision on my PM 8-IP is 2.02, whereas the latest available download on the website is v1.26a.
One would be misled into believing that the dual power inlets ensures power redundancy. Unfortunately not, each power inlet can power its own set of 4 power outlets. Hence not entirely useful for critical datacentre operations.
On the networking front, it runs Ubicom’s IP2022 network processor. The network is up and running in about 2 seconds after power up. Pretty impressive. Power to the network processor/controller is supplied only from one of the power sources.
The console serial port (RJ-9 4P4C socket) running at 9600-N-8-1 can be used to configure the IP address and also for performing a factory reset (highly recommended after a firmware up/downgrade.) The unit can be factory reset by pressing “F” (case sensitive) when at the console menu. In some cases the web server becomes in accessible after a firmware upgrade, and a factory reset is required to bring things back in order.

I constructed a console cable from an old RJ-9 jack and a DE9-F connector. Use the table below to wire up the two connectors:

PM 8-IP (RJ-9 4P4C) PC Serial port (DE-9)
1 (GND) 5 (GND)
2 (TxD) 2 (RxD)
4 (RxD) 3 (TxD)
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